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Terms & Conditions

These are our terms of use:

In store prices are inclusive of VAT, automatically be charged for all orders in Bulgaria and private contracts around the world.

Intra deals with export and re-registered and active entities are carried in terms of written agreement and under current tax legislation in Bulgaria

You can shop without registering as an anonymous client, but to process your order must specify the actual phone number to contact you

Discounts for quantity, total cost, promotional, and other related charged automatically and you can see them in your cart

The cost of delivery is determined by weight, volume, etc. conditions such as courier companies for selected products and quantities for our account

Contracts run from 1-3 days (treated to 15:30) for products in stock, as these terms do not apply to products made to order from us, in this case depend on the type of product, quantity, and our instantaneous load and then your explicit consent.

Standard time for import custom is 7 working days from Europe, 10 working days from North America, 12 days in the Middle East and Asia and negotiated in particular bound:

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Currently, payments are possible with an invoice by bank transfer and cash