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Solar systems for LED lighting, controllers, components


In this category you will find components for solar systems, turnkey solutions and ideas for use in LED lighting, alarm systems and other use.In focus is using them to power LED lighting, and not as an energy source for general use and for this reason solar panels are of low to medium power, which makes them cost effective for many applications.
We offer you the photovoltaic panels, controllers for renewable energy and the design and construction of solar LED lighting systems.
Mainly solar panels in our shop have a perfect single crystal technology covered with bulletproof glass and solid aluminum frame, they are designed for use mainly in LED lighting systems, and may be accompanied by appropriate controls (chargers) which can monitor state of the gel battery to automatically detect the type and and rated voltage.
Controllers with output 5A, 10A and 15A are programmable and through continuous monitoring of voltage and currents, recognize day and night automatically switch from standby charge mode operation of the consumer (usually LED lights)
The proposed components can build standalone LED lighting systems of the house of boats, caravans and camping, and many other applications that are needed.
In case of an individual application needs, do not hesitate to contact us to design and make the needed system.
Unlike most online stores, Stratuslight LTD is a REAL producer of many electronic products and LED solutions!

Solar panels with low and medium power produced mono or polycrystalline technology with long life without operating costs particularly effective for use in LED lighting basic, emergency or alarm systems.


All photovoltaic panels are covered with bulletproof security glass and have a solid aluminum frame allows easy installation while and safety in bad weather.
High performance is guaranteed for many years with zero maintenance.
Solar panels in this category integrate perfectly with controllers RES (renewable energy sources) and many LED products in our shop, allowing the construction of turnkey solutions for photovoltaic LED lighting.
Guaranteed quality, warranty, excellent price!

Solar Panels (5)


Solar controllers are required for each system, they provide a constant output voltage at the output, most of them are programmable, intelligent controllers automatically detect the type and parameters of the battery are loaded automatically recognize day and night ensuring that the parameters of the input voltage and increase efficiency use of solar energy.
Here you will find a different class of controllers suitable for solar systems with low to medium power with a warranty and excellent value.
As almost all the products online, Stratuslight LTD is a direct importer and if you find a product you want, you will be happy to submit it or produce it for you.

Solar/wind controllers (4)

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