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LED message displays

Download: Price list-LED message displays .pdf

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LED  boards (with flowing text) are modern and pragmatic solution, providing exceptional flexibility and versatility in many applications that are in almost all sectors of the economy as presented in attractive manner your message in their use of information and advertising, and These are few of the many applications.

Information boards with flowing text used in industry (providing information about processes and to ensure safety in production)
LED panels are used in road signs, public parking garages in shopping centers, hospitals, public buildings, and many others, paying spetsiyaliziranite (boards stations in exchange offices, pharmacy crosses LED (LED)) in separate subcategories .
In this category you will find all the main types of LED information boards with flowing text as will briefly explain what is different.
In housing the LED will be of two types: in DIP (double in-line package) and SMD (LEDs dealing with surface mount or so-called 'discrete components')
The colors used in pixel: monochrome, two-color (such as the composition of the
Both colors are obtained so-called: color composite) and RGB full color or as the three primary colors can produce millions of colors.
In its control system, and LED nformatsio our boards flowed text is divided into: running boards with text and animation, graphic boards (with management of each color through pulse width modulation (PWM) in grayscale (conditional) as received Colors are the number of degrees of PWM raised a second or third degree saoavetno as the main colors in the dashboard.
Management also panels of this type are gating (1:4, 1:8, 1:16 scan) and constant, the differences are mainly selected electronic design scheme.
In this category you will find almost all types of boards with three-year warranty and the size, color and functionality of your choice because we have them assembled in Bulgaria.
After choosing the color of the radiation and see the size of the module of your choice, we can assemble LED display running text, or text plus animated graphics in your required size and even folding (eg around a building column or wall-crawling the ceiling).
Your LED information display can even be physically separated modules (eg top of stairs) and radiates back to your message because we assembled for you here in BULGARIA!
In our store in Ruse can see and choose your ice information display, and of course order it from our site.
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