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Constant Current LED Driver

In this category we will present a constant current supply of electricity, or electric-drivers.

There are several types for power LEDs use, power LEDs but the most reliable and correct with the use of drivers with constant current output.

The advantages of using these devices are great, and you'll name a few:

Extremely high power factor (efficiency) or in the name PF offered in this category is not less than 85% and reaches 96% in certain models.

Stable output current and voltage regardless of variations in input voltage (some models are input voltage 90 to 260V

no change in output) and this quality makes them ideal for places with unstable voltage, and using renewable energy sources without the need to duplicate losses (inverting and then removing the tension) and purpose will offer you and AC / DC and DC / DC LED drivers.

With the current drivers are prolongs life of LEDs.

Using these devices LED applications do not differ in installation than conventional lighting.

Download: Price lista- LED drivers.pdf

LED driver for indoor use
In this category you will find current LED driver for indoor use that feature high power factor and small physical size.
The devices have different power and recommend to comply with safety instructions when working with high voltage (performed by qualified technicians) and a designated number and type of LEDs.
Never supply power less than the minimum specified number of LEDs (in series connection) and never install more LEDs (in series connection), a drop koitov straight is higher than the nominal output voltage of the LED driver.
Using drivers with high output current for the LEDs lower right, as comply with specific parameters, eg.:

Power supply with constant current and voltage 28V 650 meters can be used for 7 pc. LEDs rated current 600-700m in the colors white, green, blue, or 10 to 11 LEDs with yellow and red colors, and two chains sequentially (serially) connected LEDs with a rated current of 300-350m with 7 white blue or green LEDs, and two chains with 10-12pcs red or green LEDs, the two circuits are connected in parallel (parallel)Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Checker

Indoor use (33)


Current drivers category suitable for use in outdoor conditions.
Suitable for street, park and garden lighting and industrial lighting and high requirements for dust and water resistance (IP 65-67)
Most power supplies with constant current with an input voltage of 90-260V allowing very general use and universal input voltage for worldwide, as well as renewable sources of energy (solar panels and generators, etc.).
Current drivers in this category have very high power factor (PF) 92-96% which helps further the efficiency of LED lights which are installed.
Another major advantage is that LED drivers have a very long life, virtually zero maintenance needs and three years warranty.
Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Checker

LED Drivers for Outdoor Use( IP67) (18)

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