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LED Displays

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Category LED displays (LED screens) where you will find inside those for outdoor use, full color, bitonal, monochrome, with different resolution and long life, 2 years warranty and after warranty service, fast delivery, same price for Europe or express delivery by air and conditions negotiated and of course installation and installed 13 (thirteen full color) and 5 relocation of  displays in Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus) as no information to another company shipped more throughout the region (as of March 2012). If you can not find a product category, do not hesitate tocontact us, you will receive an offer within 48 hours

Furthermore, most large selection of LED display with excellent prices, you will receive:

FREE INSTALLATION(only for Bulgaria and Romania for >10 sq.m.)!




LED displays from Stratuslight Ltd - Complete solutions, assembling, delivery, installation, commissioning and training, warranty and post warranty service for all types of displays, Perimeter (arena), Strip,  traffic information boards, Flexible  (curtains) for outdoor use (outdoor) with a 3 year warranty and after warranty service.

All screens need a control system which is not included.

All displays need competetive assembly, which is free for our customers.

All  screens need competetive wiring which is FREE for our customers.



All major types of control systems, components, competetive wiring and accessories are available in a separate subcategory.




Outdoor LED Displays (20)

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LED video screens (LED displays) for indoor use have many applications, but often more following applications:

In TV studios are used in virtually all types of  screens.

In concerts, promotional events organized large video screens are an integral part of the show.

Many gyms are advertisements or again with the help of video wall.

Increasingly common in the interior of nightclubs and discos are embedded displays as part of a media room, or simply as part of a dynamic light installation.

Screens can be found in the command room of enterprises with continuous production,

In energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, airline transport, airport-bound to come across them.

In some armies, like the U.S., using screens in most military bases.

Other applications of let your imagination and emerging needs.

All displays need a control system which is not included in the labs (modules).

All video wall need competetive wiring and mounting accessories are FREE for our customers.

All  screens needed competetive assembly, which is free for our customers.

All control systems, components, accessories and spare parts can be found in a separate category.

Stratuslight produkt for indoor use -  full color, bitonal, monochrome, SMD, DIP LEDs; 2 years Warranty and after warranty service at an excellent price for extremely short delivery times and assembly.

LED Display for Indoor use (6)

Category for LED displays with special functions such as stadium (perimeter) Fly board LED displays (light and flexible LED display designed mainly for B-ground visual effects and an extremely easy installation and removal), Rent Displays (for rental or with frequentchange of location)

As LED screens that simply is difficult to characterize in a particular category.

Specialized LED Displays (7)

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