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50лв. - 1140лв.


Colour Temperature


Expert - product line with 5 years waranty, made in EU!

The utilized in the series LEDs are Flip Chip - state-of-the-art technology in multichip LEDs, where the process of wiring using microwire conductor between the chips is avoided and the wiring is on the circuit board, integrated with the housing, where the LED chips are directly mounted. The process has many advantages, but the most important are the much higher reliability due to the avoided microwiring which in turn avoids the concentration of tension in microsoldering, reduces the inductance and achieves very good temperature distribution (Thermal management)

The power supplies that we use in the series are manufactured by Delta Electronics Taiwan, Meanwell, LIFUD, DONE и UL&TUV - world leader in pulsed power!

The additional protection of the "Expert" products is performed by using self-resettable thermal protection as well as built-in surge protection.

The "Expert" series has 5 or 7 year warranty with exceptional performance - where the requirements of our customers and the site are really uncompromising!

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