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10лв. - 452лв.


Colour Temperature


Industrial LED lighting

We present professionally assembled in Bulgaria industrial LED lighting in three product lines and accordingly with different classes of components and technical parameters.

The housing is in stock, and we carry out regular imports before its exhaustion (as far as it is possible to predict) and the time of execution of orders is between 1 and 10 business days depending on the volume and the already accepted orders.

Remember that you can purchase each component or accessory separately!

Each product line includes products with power between 10W and 200W and we use identical housings and different components and circuit solutions in order to meet the various requirements of our clients and their projects, and also to be able to be adequate on the specific and price sensitive local and neighbouring countries market.

"Standard" series-LED Illuminators with high quality and performance at a low cost, manufactured in Bulgaria and 24 months warranty!


"Professional" series -This is our main product line of professional products used in infrastructure and urban projects with high demands on quality of the components and performance along with a 3 year warranty and excellent price.


"Expert" series - products with top quality made of top series components of world leaders, assembled in Bulgaria by professionals! Standard warranty 5 years, optional - 7 years!


Download: Price list-Industrial LED lighting.pdf

"Standard" series-LED Illuminators with high quality and performance at a low cost, manufactured in Bulgaria and 24 months warranty!

The products from this series have the highest ratio performance / price / quality compared to any competitive product and we stand behind this statement with a 30 day money back guarantee in the case of any dissatisfaction compared to a similar product in this price class!

COB LEDs Epistar, Stratus Light OEM power supply, aluminium housing, asymmetrical optics crystal glass, sealing gaskets -100% silicone, stainless steel plating!

Standart-product line with 2 years waranty, made in EU! (12)

The utilized LEDs use Flip Chip, Epistar technology and the power supplies are manufactured under a ODM contract with a leading manufacturer and with Power Factor + 96% and +85% efficiency. The power supplies used in this series have a new circuit topology and management, allowing the elimination of the electrolytic capacitors on the input, whose malfunctioning is the most common cause of failure of the devices.

This series of lighting equipment is equipped with self-resettable thermal protection as well as protection from power surges, thus removing two of the most common causes of failure in this type of products.

Professional - product line with 3 years waranty, made in EU! (22)

The utilized in the series LEDs are Flip Chip - state-of-the-art technology in multichip LEDs, where the process of wiring using microwire conductor between the chips is avoided and the wiring is on the circuit board, integrated with the housing, where the LED chips are directly mounted. The process has many advantages, but the most important are the much higher reliability due to the avoided microwiring which in turn avoids the concentration of tension in microsoldering, reduces the inductance and achieves very good temperature distribution (Thermal management)

The power supplies that we use in the series are manufactured by Delta Electronics Taiwan, Meanwell, LIFUD, DONE и UL&TUV - world leader in pulsed power!

The additional protection of the "Expert" products is performed by using self-resettable thermal protection as well as built-in surge protection.

The "Expert" series has 5 or 7 year warranty with exceptional performance - where the requirements of our customers and the site are really uncompromising!

Expert - product line with 5 years waranty, made in EU! (17)

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