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Stratus Light Ltd is a vertically integrated company in the field of LED technology, involved in each stage of production of its products. Every one of our products here is manufactured by us in Bulgaria and we are the direct importer of every component or accessory!
Most of our products are aimed mainly at fellow professionals in the industry to whom, apart from finished products, we also offer components for the production of street, industrial, commercial, office, furniture and interior LED lighting, and maintain the largest storage in the country for fixtures and luminaires, as well as optics, hardware, thermally conductive contact pastes and adhesives, and many other components.

We assemble in Bulgaria and keep in stock LED displays, screens and information boards, and offer all necessary components for them. The company is leader in the segment of external full color LED screens and information boards with flowing text, and has the largest share of the installations in the country.
 For manufacturers, dealers, installers, infrastructural facilities and corporate customers we offer adequate discounts and working methods and supplies.

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