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About Us

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We are one of the first companies in Bulgaria with a focus  LED technology.
What makes us different: Own development, prototyping, commercialization and marketing, consulting and installation of AT GREAT RANGE CONTROL ELECTRONICS FOR LED APPLICATIONS  DMX512, Art-Net and others.  with the ability to manage all type LED lighting installations on the Internet or pre-programmed by our electronic devices are support by the world leader in LED software MADRIX) across southern Europe as well as one of the first OWN INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS IN BULGARIA!

In addition to direct imports of standard LED products as many of our colleagues, we offer assembly and manufacture many LED products with quality components to guarantee at least two years, our product range also includes the above groups Full, monochrome and two-color LED displays and information boards for use  indoor and outdoor information boards for stations, banks, bureaux de change, pharmacy LED Cross (LED pharmacy crosses, and many others like all LED display and information boards can be ordered with a clock (analog or digital type) with  temperature sensor, automatic adjustment of brightness, GPRS modem, radio modem and very easy to use software we provide for FREE.We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries.
We spend quality time perfecting our offerings. Thus our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.                                                                                                                                                    Stratuslight Ltd  offers  LED lighting solutions for : club and  discotheque  in DMX512  andArtnet,  interior,  street, park  and garden lighting .  The company is a manufacturer of  electronics forcontrol  of LED  lighting aAll  most  commonly used protocols , but also a direct importer  of LED  products and components including  power  LED, LED  drivers , aluminum  PCB, LED  optics , power supplies and  adapters, and many  others.with  our  fiber optic  products , components and  materials  are numerous  iconic  restaurants  and clubs  throughout the country.  We are  manufacturer of LED  Displays, LED  scoreboards , LED  pharmacycrosses , LED  boards  stations, interactive  systems and many  other......



Certificate BDS EN ISO 9001:2015






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