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Gas Station LED controller

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Instructions for implementation and adjustment of fuel prices and the clock settings. A. Brief description of the method of introduction of digital values ​​and sequencing with infrared remote control: The introduction of new values ​​for price and time adjustment is made by a sequence of buttons on the infrared remote control . They are displayed by six diluted seven-segment LEDs on the main control board itself (control display), as well as large digital indicators of the totem if they are installed. In the case, when large indicators for temperature, time and date are not used, editing values is visualized only by the control indicators of the main control board. For this purpose, it is to be mounted low on access to the eyes of the operator place. The Infrared sensor is mounted in close proximity on the same side as the main control board. The main control board manages only the displays showing temperature, date and time. The subordinate boards manage only a single horizontal line of the displays for fuel prices, if taken as a six-order indication or two consecutive horizontal lines of three-order indication. 2. Description of segments and orders of the indicator: An order 2 order 3 order 4 order 5 Order 6 Order Their work is described below.
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Gas Station LED controller
Gas Station LED controllerGas Station LED controllerGas Station LED controllerGas Station LED controller
3. Keys used by the infrared transmitter and their functions: 1) Number keys from "0 to 9" - used for direct digital input parameter value. 2) "Sleep" (switch off timer) - used immediately after entering the number to add decimal point (decimal point). 3) "Power" (red button marked by a circle inscribed with the dash at the top of ON / OFF button) - used to confirm the current command or parameter. Function (Enter) 4) "Mute" (scored loudspeaker) - in combination with button "Power" serves as an entry mode to update the date and time. 5) "CH + / CH-" (program + / -) - used to increase / decrease the value of the respective figure in order to update the date and time. 6) "Volume +" (Speech Enhancer) - used for sequential change of the light output of the selected row of the display of several degrees. 4. Introducing fuel prices: With the number keys 1 to 6 select the horizontal line which will change the value. This is indicated by lighting up the number of selected horizontal row of luminous figure in the rightmost (last) sixth order of display for the clock. In case of mistake, the right button can be re-pressed. Activation of the change order is selected by pressing the button "Power". Note: If no action on the keyboard is taken for more than 5 seconds or an incorrect (unused and not listed in the above list) button is pressed, the selected mode is exited without saving the changes! On the control screen appears the value stored in memory for selected horizontal line for correction. With the number buttons select the new value for the first (leftmost) order. Confirm by pressing "Power". A value of the next (second) order and re-confirmed. This is repeated until the change of all six digits. After the final confirmation of the main controller sends the data memory of the subject board for new values ​​of the selected row and display them on display saotvtniya line prices. Where it is necessary to put desettichna point immediately after the figure, then that would be the point (desetttichnata point), press the "Sleep" and confirm by pressing "Power". This can be repeated for all other horizontal lines to 6 if you need to adjust the price of fuel. When the fuel indicator is only three-bit and enjoy a managed card for two consecutive rows of prices is introduced in the same manner as described above. On the control screen will be introduced one after another and the two prices together with desettichnite points to fill the six digits of the display. After the final confirmation will enroll new stopynosti, and two consecutive three-digit display will refresh new information. 5. Setting the date and time:
  • Warranty:
    60 months

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